This Social Worker Gave Almost $11 Million To Children’s Charities After Leading A Frugal Life

Alan Naiman. 63, a frugal social worker, lived a life wearing old shoes held together with duct tape, ate cheaply, got his clothing from Costco, and never sent outside his means; left around $11 million in savings to charity. No one around him really new he had been saving up millions of dollars for such a delicate cause.

Naiman’s $11 million estate was left mostly to charities that served impoverished, sick, and disabled children.

Naiman had never married and had no children, but kids were very important to him and his cause.

“He was just that kind of guy that he couldn’t just spend the money. It was just in his nature to save the money and put it aside,” Shashi Karan, a friend he met when he was a banker.

Karan was one of the few people who knew exactly how much money Naiman had. “Saving money was sort of a game to him,” Karen said. He would brag about how he had a whole day out and didn’t have to spend a single cent.”

While Naiman had considered doing more things including traveling, getting a house, or splurging a bit, his cancer interrupted his plans. This is when Naiman started to spend more time researching charities for children.

One of the many organizations that benefited from his great generosity was the Pediatric Interim Care Center, which cares for medically fragile babies suffering from prenatal drug exposure.

“The group posted a tribute to Naiman on its website and said he donated enough money to pay off the mortgage on its building. He told the group in a letter that the center had been there for him when he needed to find a place for sick babies that were brought to him” (1). It wrote; “We are so grateful to Alan, not only for his legacy but also for the life he devoted to children.”

Another group called Childhaven vowed to use the money “to provide essential services to youth in foster care and vulnerable children” (1).

Some over charities that received some of the donation money included Make-A-Wish, Father Flanagan’s, Boys Town and Treehouse, churches, and disabled veterans.

“My gift is going to be bigger than its annual budget. It’s going to blow them away,” Karan remembered Naiman saying.





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