5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Hyaluronic Acid In Your Skin And Hair Routine In 2020

"With that said, hyaluronic acid should be a new golden standard for beauty, moisturization, and health."

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In store vs. online shopping


Brick and mortar versus online shopping. Some of the benefits and key takeaways are obvious, but here are a few things about each we may not be taking into account.


Look for stores going out of business. In-store (1), Online (0).

There are always stores going out of business in your area, especially if you're in a large city. Not only that, but they usually have large clearances that take place to get rid of as much inventory as possible. To name a few:


This Social Worker Gave Almost $11 Million To Children’s Charities After Leading A Frugal Life

Alan Naiman. 63, a frugal social worker, lived a life wearing old shoes held together with duct tape, ate cheaply, got his clothing from Costco, and never sent outside his means; left around $11 million in savings to charity. No one around him really new he had been saving up millions of dollars for such a delicate cause.

Naiman’s $11 million estate was left mostly to charities that served impoverished, sick, and disabled children.

Naiman had never married and had no children, but kids were very important...